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Eton is an independent provider of divorce valuation services. From pension valuations to business valuations, or lawyers and financial experts use robust methodologies that stand up to scrutiny if challenged in contentious divorces.

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Why Eton?

We're Focused

Valuations are subjective and complex. To be robust and defensible in court, you need experienced experts in your corner. At Eton, we do nothing but valuations—it's our speciality.

We’re Human

Should things turn contentious, our valuations are justifiable in court. We use expert human judgment and robust methodologies that no automated valuation could deliver.

We’re Trusted

We've done thousands of divorce valuations for everyone from small business owners to non-owner partners to corporate valuations. Our customer-centric approach means we'll be a reassuring partner every step of the way.

End-to-end Divorce appraisal services

Our Divorce Valuation Services

A divorce is a stressful time, for you and your partner. It’s crucial in this time to work with an objective and fair provider that reduces that stress.

Our valuation services help you reliably understand the Fair Market Value of your assets without the hassle. Each valuation results in a thorough report that provides a detailed overview of your business or other assets, drivers of value, valuation, and our justification for it. 

We use professional judgment and advanced analytical techniques to deliver a robust, defensible valuation. Should it be challenged, we’ll provide additional support throughout the process.

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What is the average cost of a divorce valuation?

Our divorce valuations typically cost between $1,000 and $10,000, but complex cases can be significantly more expensive. Please contact us for a no-pressure conversation about pricing.

Our valuations for divorce purposes are always performed by highly-trained experts. We have a team of ex-lawyers and professional financial consultants who ensure each valuation is robust and holds up to scrutiny if challenged in court.

Our valuation services for divorces typically take 10 days. However, when needed, we can do it in as little as one day but an expedited timeline does come at a higher cost.

Eton’s team is filled with ex-big 4 consultants and highly-trained legal professionals. However, we’re a boutique firm meaning we provide superior service quality and more affordable prices than larger firms can.

Our Leadership

Chris Walton, JD

President & CEO

Chris co-founded Eton Venture Services in 2010 to provide mission-critical valuations to venture-based companies. He works closely with each client’s leadership team, board of directors, internal / external counsel, and independent auditor to develop detailed financial models and create accurate, audit-proof valuations.

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