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Eton is the gold standard in business valuation services since 2010. Trusted by top companies, VC/PE, legal teams, accountants & high-net worth individuals.

Trusted By Over 1,000 Companies

Our Advantage

We're Focused

Valuation experts, independent and unassailable. Results that stand up to scrutiny.

We’re Human

Expert human judgment, custom solutions. Valuation beyond algorithms.

We’re Better

Trusted by leading firms, defensible and fast. Get the valuation you need, when you need it.

Our Senior Leadership

Chris Walton, JD

President & CEO

Chris co-founded Eton Venture Services in 2010 to provide mission-critical valuations to venture-based companies. He works closely with each client’s leadership team, board of directors, internal / external counsel, and independent auditor to develop detailed financial models and create accurate, audit-proof valuations.

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