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Eton is a leading business valuation provider. We specialize in fast, audit-defensible valuations across portfolios, estates, assets, and acquisitions.

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Eton's Business Valuation Services

We’ve provided business valuations for St. Louis companies, VC/PE firms, legal teams, accountants & high-net-worth individuals for over 20 years now. 

Here’s a quick overview of our services:

Pre-Deal M&A Valuation Analysis

Assess target companies, divisions, or assets to help determine appropriate bidding prices, negotiation strategies, and optimal structures while identifying potential risks and synergies.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

Perform fair value assessments of tangible and intangible assets acquired in a business combination, ensuring compliance with financial reporting standards.

Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Valuation

Appraise intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, licenses, and customer lists, which are critical components of many M&A transactions.

Quality of Earnings Analysis

Evaluate the sustainability and quality of a target company's earnings, providing insights into its financial health and potential for future growth.

Goodwill Impairment Testing

Assist clients in conducting annual goodwill impairment tests to determine if any write-downs are required, adhering to relevant accounting standards.

Portfolio Valuation

Amid volatile markets, potential conflicts of interest, and regulatory changes, our seasoned professionals offer specialized expertise in financial reporting compliance, risk management, and asset valuation.

Our Business Valuation Process

Day 1
Day 2
Day 8
Day 10
Information Collection
Valuation Modeling and Analysis
Draft Report Delivered; Client Review and Approval
Final Report Delivered
Audit Support
"As a former Gunderson lawyer, I co-founded Eton to bring the precision, efficiency, and the obsessive client service of corporate securities law to business valuation. I'm especially proud that our worldwide team of Big 4 trained CFAs has adopted that client service mantra wholeheartedly.

Our entire focus is on delivering audit-defensible, rigorous, and timely valuations without the inefficient back-and-forth of other firms. Client service is our religion. We always go the extra mile to overdeliver for every client."

Chris Walton, JD
President & CEO
Eton Venture Services
Previously at Gunderson Dettmer / Stanford Law


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What business service valuations do you provide in St. Louis?

Eton provides a range of business valuation services for small businesses, family offices, and private equity firms in St. Louis. We’re a boutique firm, focused on excellent customer service and deep expert advice. 

When conducting business valuations in St. Louis, Missouri, we consider several local factors that can influence the process.

For example:

  1. Economic Environment: St. Louis’s economy is diversified, with significant sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing, services, and a growing technology scene. The presence of several Fortune 500 companies, as well as universities and medical institutions, contributes to the economic landscape. The performance and outlook of these industries can significantly impact business valuations in the area.

  2. Taxation: Missouri’s tax structure, including corporate income taxes and sales taxes, as well as St. Louis-specific taxes and incentives, can affect a business’s financial projections and, consequently, its valuation. Understanding local tax obligations and potential incentives available for businesses in certain sectors or locations is crucial for accurate valuation.

  3. Real Estate Market: The cost and availability of commercial real estate in St. Louis can impact businesses differently, depending on their location within the metropolitan area. Real estate costs can influence operating expenses and investment decisions, affecting business valuations.

  4. Regulatory Environment: While Missouri is known for its relatively business-friendly regulatory environment, local regulations in St. Louis, including zoning laws and industry-specific regulations (for example, in healthcare or education), can impact businesses. Compliance costs and regulatory considerations can influence business operations and financial projections.

  5. Labor Market: The availability and cost of labor in St. Louis, influenced by the city’s diverse economic sectors and the presence of specialized workforce in industries such as healthcare and technology, can impact business operations and profitability. State and local labor laws also play a role in determining operational costs.

  6. Access to Capital and Markets: St. Louis’s growing technology and startup ecosystem, supported by incubators, accelerators, and venture capital, offers businesses access to capital for growth and innovation. Additionally, the city’s strategic location and transportation infrastructure facilitate access to national and international markets, which can influence a business’s growth potential and valuation.

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