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Eton Venture Services offers expert, independent portfolio valuation services and financial reporting compliance, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Our Portfolio Valuation Process

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Our Portfolio Valuation Advantage

Eton Venture Services is a leading provider of independent portfolio valuation services for investment and portfolio funds.

Amid volatile markets, potential conflicts of interest, and regulatory changes, our seasoned professionals offer specialized expertise in financial reporting compliance, risk management, and asset valuation.

We help you navigate the complexities of portfolio valuation while ensuring transparency, credibility, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Trustworthy & Transparent

With Eton Venture Services, you can rely on independent, objective, and well-documented advice that withstands scrutiny from all sides. Our defensible valuations comply with relevant reporting standards and policies, ensuring consistency and transparency while adhering to best practices.

Tailored Approach

We have established best practices for valuation procedures specific to diverse portfolios. Our team takes the time to understand the intricacies associated with each engagement, ensuring a tailored approach that meets your unique needs.

Proven Track Record

Our experts understand the complexity of valuing financial instruments such as illiquid equity, debt, and derivatives, and have a proven track record in helping clients gain confidence in their fair value reporting. We also offer insights into developing clients' policies and procedures to ensure compliance with GAAP, IFRS, and ASC 820 guidelines.

Unparalleled Expertise

Founded by securities lawyers from top law schools / law firms and staffed with finance professionals trained by the Big Four and other prominent financial services firms, Eton brings intellectual and quantitative rigor unmatched by others.

"As a former Gunderson lawyer, I co-founded Eton to bring the precision, efficiency, and the obsessive client service of corporate securities law to business valuation. I'm especially proud that our worldwide team of Big 4 trained CFAs has adopted that client service mantra wholeheartedly.

Our entire focus is on delivering audit-defensible, rigorous, and timely valuations without the inefficient back-and-forth of other firms. Client service is our religion. We always go the extra mile to overdeliver for every client."

Chris Walton, JD
President & CEO
Eton Venture Services
Previously at Gunderson Dettmer / Stanford Law


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How does portfolio valuation impact financial statements?

Portfolio valuation directly impacts a company’s financial statements by affecting the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Accurate valuation of assets is crucial for presenting the company’s true financial position, calculating profitability, and determining cash flows from investments.

Inaccurate or outdated valuations can lead to misrepresentation and potential compliance issues with regulatory authorities.

The portfolio valuation process typically involves identifying the assets to be valued, selecting appropriate valuation methodologies, gathering relevant data, applying the chosen methods, and documenting the assumptions and results.

It is essential to have a consistent and transparent approach, complying with relevant accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

Engaging with experienced valuation professionals, like Eton Venture Services, can help ensure the accuracy and reliability of portfolio valuations.

For a more complete breakdown of the portfolio valuation process, please check out our complete guide: Portfolio Valuation: Key Principles, Methods & How-to

Common valuation methodologies for portfolio valuation include the market approach, income approach, and cost approach.

The market approach uses comparable transactions or publicly traded securities to derive a valuation, while the income approach estimates the present value of future cash flows generated by an asset.

The cost approach determines the cost to replace or reproduce an asset.

The choice of methodology depends on the nature of the asset and the availability of reliable data.

The frequency of portfolio valuation for financial reporting purposes depends on the company’s reporting requirements and the nature of the assets held.

Publicly traded companies typically perform valuations at least quarterly, while private companies may do so annually or as required by their stakeholders.

It is important to update valuations whenever significant changes occur in the company’s assets or market conditions that could materially impact asset values.

Engaging a third-party valuation firm, like Eton Venture Services, for portfolio valuation offers several benefits, including expertise in applying appropriate valuation methodologies, access to relevant market data, and an unbiased, independent perspective.

Additionally, third-party valuation reports can enhance the credibility of financial statements and help mitigate potential risks associated with regulatory compliance and stakeholder concerns.

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