Eton’s Strategic Acquisition of Expanding Appraisal Services Domain Expertise

Eton Venture Services’ Strategic Acquisition of Expanding Appraisal Services Domain Expertise

Eton Venture Services is proud to announce the acquisition of This acquisition represents a significant development for Eton, a company renowned for its comprehensive 409a valuation services, and synonymous with unparalleled appraisals and business-related advisory services since its establishment in 2010.

A Decade of Appraisal Excellence

Eton Venture Services has been at the forefront of providing unbiased, reliable appraisals and advisory services for over a decade. Since its inception, Eton has successfully undertaken thousands of engagements, demonstrating its commitment to precision, efficiency, and affordability.

Our team, composed of highly experienced professionals boasting over 150 years of cumulative experience, has served a varied global client base, including private firms and high-net-worth individuals.

Client-Focused Approach

Eton is celebrated for its client-focused philosophy, offering tailored services and expert advice in appraisal-related matters. Our team, including lawyers, accountants, and Chartered Financial Analysts, specializes in Tax Compliance Valuation, Financial Reporting Compliance, and Transaction Advisory. This client-centered approach has established Eton as an industry leader in providing solution-oriented, bespoke services.

Asset Valuation Source: A Digital Authority in Asset Appraisals for Industry has made its mark in the industry by offering a source of information about appraisals of machinery, equipment, and business assets. Although recently deactivated, the website was a trusted resource for detailed and accurate valuation insights. The site’s ability to provide timely and authoritative information made it an invaluable tool for businesses, investors, and financial analysts.

Acquisition Aims and Advantages

Eton Venture Services’ strategic acquisition of is designed to amplify Eton’s digital scope and capabilities. This integration allows Eton to harness the strengths of Asset Valuation Source’s digital presence, enhancing content delivery and expanding its audience reach. This expansion is also expected to streamline the 409a valuation process, making it easy to understand and more transparent.

Enhanced Expertise in Appraisals

Clients will benefit from a wider array of professionals well-versed in all facets of appraisal services, enriching the client experience with deep industry knowledge and insights. Clients seeking 409a valuation consultants will benefit from a diverse range of professionals with deep insights into digital valuation processes.

In addition, the acquisition promises to make 409a valuation services more cost-effective. Leveraging the digital footprint of Asset Valution Source, Eton aims to offer high-quality education and industry analysis. 

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Streamlining the Appraisal Process

Incorporating Asset Valuation Source’s digital assets into Eton’s offerings will expand Eton’s offerings and enhance its process, ensuring a more efficient and comprehensive service for clients seeking specialized services.


The acquisition of by Eton Venture Services marks a strategic step in augmenting its services and extending its influence in the appraisal industry. This move not only reinforces Eton’s leadership in appraisal services but also underscores its commitment to expanding its scope for the benefit of its clients. With this acquisition, Eton is well-prepared to provide an even more thorough, efficient, and client-centric appraisal experience.

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President & CEO

Chris co-founded Eton Venture Services in 2010 to provide mission-critical valuations to venture-based companies. He works closely with each client’s leadership team, board of directors, internal / external counsel, and independent auditor to develop detailed financial models and create accurate, audit-proof valuations.

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