Methods for Complex Securities Valuation

The Pivotal Role of Complex Financial Instruments in Corporate Growth

Complex financial instruments have the ability to help corporates in various ways such as raising capital, managing cash flow, providing performance incentives, and in several others transactions.

Time and again these instruments have helped the investor and the market to optimize and facilitate intercompany agreements which include mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, and in the hedging of many types of risk associated.

Our valuation experts have full exposure to these quantitative techniques to perform any analysis having these methodologies utilized.

The Art and Science of Complex Securities Valuation

There are various methodologies that are frequently utilized in the process of complex security valuation.

1. Understanding the Use of the Black Scholes Option Pricing Model in Complex Securities Valuation

Black Scholes Option Pricing Model can be leveraged to analyze each class of security in a company’s capital structure as a call option on the firm’s total equity value, taking into account their rights and preferences.

The Option Pricing Model (OPM) frequently employs the Black-Scholes approach to value these call options, making it a popular and widely used financial model for allocating equity value to securities in complex capital structures of privately held businesses.

Determining the price of securities primarily held by private entities can be challenging without active markets, as there is no observable price or price range in efficient, open market primary transactions. Allocating equity value to each specific security within intricate capital structures presents further difficulties.

The OPM technique is best suited for companies with longer liquidity event timelines and multiple exit options. While OPM is a widely-adopted method for allocation, selecting it as the optimal technique depends on various company characteristics.

Additionally, the model has limitations due to its closed-loop framework, which restricts the distribution within the time to exit, even if triggered.

2. The Binomial Option Pricing Model in Complex Securities Valuation: A Closer Look

The Binomial Option Pricing Model is frequently utilized to value American-style options and embedded options. This model employs a risk-neutral approach to estimate the value of path-dependent financial alternatives.

The option’s fair value corresponds to the present value of probability-weighted future payoffs from the investment. This method simulates future stock prices and predicts changes using a binomial distribution.

The binomial models breaks down the time until option expiration into distinct probability-weighted scenarios and consistently applies the same success and failure probabilities until expiration.

However, a limitation of the binomial tree model is that it only presents two possible value alternatives, which may not accurately reflect real-world scenarios where assets can possess numerous values within a specific range.


3. Monte Carlo Simulation: The Powerhouse of Complex Securities Valuation

The Monte Carlo Simulation is one of the most powerful tools for complex securities valuation. This method offers a multinomial approach with multiple probability simulations, enabling the estimation of potential outcomes for uncertain events.

Monte Carlo Simulation assigns probabilities to each simulated event and generates results through numerous iterations. Its versatility and value as a computational tool in the contemporary finance world are unmatched.

The ability to capture every possible path for asset pricing makes it highly effective in determining unobserved prices, solidifying its position as a formidable solution in the valuation industry.


Eton Venture Services: Your Partner in Complex Securities Valuation

Eton Venture Services’ complex security valuation experts understand the nuances of even the most complex securities, as well as the peripheral market factor. Utilizing advanced quantitative valuation methods, our skilled experts can help clients in various ways such as pre-decision making stage, funding rounds with complex term structures along with ensuring that our client meet or exceed the requirements of financial reporting compliance. Contact Eton today.

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