6 Top IP Valuation Services Firms in 2024

I’ve spent the last 15 years leading an IP valuation firm, and I know that every situation is unique and brings its own challenges. 

This is why I always suggest folks to work with an IP valuation service provider who will take into account all these intricacies, and deliver an accurate valuation report in no time.

There are plenty of IP valuation firms, but it can be hard to choose the right one if you’re not sure what to look for.

To help, I put together this article of top 6 most-trusted IP valuation firms for small to medium-sized businesses.

One of them is my firm, Eton Venture Services. But I also dive deep into 5 alternative firms, each of which has its own unique focus and niche. 

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

What to Look For in an IP Valuation Service Firm

Here are the four factors I’d consider when hiring an intellectual property valuation firm:

  • Specialization & Experience 
  • Track Record
  • Time to Completion
  • Cost

Let’s look at each one in turn:

Factor 1: Specialization & Experience

Choose a valuation firm that  specializes in intellectual property valuation, and ideally in the type of intellectual property you’re valuing. 

Intellectual property can include:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade secrets
  • Brand names 
  • Domain names
  • Licenses
  • Customer lists
  • Databases

If they’re unfamiliar with the valuation type, your market or industry, or relevant methodologies then they may not value your IP as accurately as a firm who is. 

A reputable valuation firm will have a proven history of delivering intellectual property valuations that stand up to scrutiny from financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and in legal scenarios. 

Look for firms with raving testimonials from past clients and a record of successful engagements.

For example, at my business valuation firm, Eton Venture Services, we list all our client testimonials on this page for prospective clients to gauge if we’re a good fit.

An intellectual property valuation firm should be able to complete any valuation within two weeks time. 

But they should also be able to do it faster, when needed. If you find yourself in a time crunch, make sure you choose a firm that can accommodate your timeline, even if that means paying extra.

Valuation firms vary in pricing so you’ll need to find one that fits your budget. But paying less doesn’t always mean a better deal, and paying more doesn’t guarantee superior service. 

You want to meet in the middle with someone who can deliver an affordable service without compromising on quality. 

Costs also vary by service provided so ask for quotes based on your exact needs but for simple IP valuations services costs typically start at $3000-$10,000. 

The more complex the valuation needs, the higher the costs and we’ve seen firms charge up to $100,000.

6 Top IP Valuation Services for Small & Medium Companies

Here are my top 6 recommendations for intellectual property valuation firms:

  1. Eton Venture Services – Best IP & Business Valuation Firm with Unparalleled Customer Service
  2. Consor IP Experts – Best Market-Based Intellectual Property Valuation Company
  3. IP21 – Best Holistic IP Valuation Company
  4. Valuation Consulting – Best UK-Based IP Valuation Firm
  5. Metis Partners – Best IP Valuation Firm for Fintech Companies
  6. Ocean Tomo – Best Patent Valuation Service Firm

Below I’ll explain the merits and expertise of each. First up is my own firm, Eton  Venture Services.

1. Eton Venture Services – Best IP & Business Valuation Firm with Unparalleled Customer Service

Eton - IP Valuation Service

At Eton Venture Services, we understand that the IP valuation process is complicated, and that you need customized and on-going support. 

This is why we tailor our IP valuation services to each client to ensure absolute accuracy, an excellent customer experience, and on schedule delivery. 

We’re able to meet all your valuation needs thanks to our team of Big 4 trained valuators who have cut their teeth on complex business valuations for 15+ years.

So whether you want to sell your intellectual property or are an investor weighing up the pros and cons of investing in a portfolio client, we can give you an accurate, foolproof, and reliable valuation, every time. 

We also pride ourselves in offering the most supportive and consultative customer service. Throughout our engagement, you’ll have direct access to me, the CEO. If you have any questions, I’m always ready to hop on a call with you.

Even after our engagement ends, we offer on-going support and we can defend our valuations in court.

Here’s how Eton excels in the four factors we listed above:

Factor 1: Specialization & ExpertiseWe specialize in most common types of valuations, from 409A valuations to Goodwill Impairment Testing and Valuation.
Factor 2: Track RecordWe’ve completed 3000+ business valuations in our 15 years as a firm.
And we’ve never lost an audit!
Factor 3: Time to CompletionAs standard, our valuations take 10 days.
If you need it faster, we can expedite the process for an additional fee.
Factor 4: CostsConsidering the wealth of experience that our valuators bring, we keep our costs competitive. It’s much lower than Big 4 firms.
On the lower end, an IP valuation with Eton will cost around $3000.

To help you decide if we’re the right valuation firm for you, I’ve outlined:

  • the types of business valuations we specialize in
  • the process we follow
  • the businesses we typically work with
  • the costs you can expect 

Types of Business Valuations We Specialize In

Intellectual Property Valuation is only one of our business valuation specializations. Our team also regularly completes: 

We’re able to specialize in so many valuation services because our team has the experience to complete them to excellent standards. 

Even if you don’t see your specific valuation needs in that list, you can always ask me directly. I’ll be able to tell you if we’re the right firm or point you in the direction of a firm who can help. 

Want to talk through your business valuation needs with me? Get in touch here.

Our IP Valuation Process

Our IP valuation process is fast and comprehensive, taking only 10 days from receipt of company documents. 

Here’s an overview of what that process looks like and your involvement:

Day 1: Information Collection

Before we begin, we’ll let you know exactly what documents are needed to value your intellectual property. 

Once we have them in hand, we review them to get a clear picture of your company and your needs. 

Day 2: Valuation Modelling & Analysis

Next we’ll analyze your intellectual property and what it’s worth. 

The exact nature of our analysis will depend on what we’re valuing—whether that’s your company name, brand, domain name, data, or patent. 

Then we’ll determine what methodologies are required.

Where possible, our valuators apply multiple methodologies to reach the most accurate result.

If you want to learn more about this process, you can read our guide: Intellectual Property Valuation | How to, 5 Methods & Checklist

Day 3-7: Valuation Prepared

Next, we’ll prepare the draft valuation using the methodologies.

Day 8: Draft Report Delivered; Client Review & Return

Once the draft is finished, we will review it internally before sending it over to you.

We’ll ask if there are any changes you need made and if you want to have a call to review it together and ask us questions. 

Day 10: Final Valuation Confirmed & Delivered

The last step is to make the valuation final. If there are changes needed, we’ll make them and sign-off.

Beyond these 10 days, you’ll get ongoing support should you have any further questions or if there’s an audit.

Who We Work With

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries from established businesses to small start ups and fast growing scale ups. 

We match each of our clients with a valuator who has the necessary industry experience and insights to ensure a seamless and accurate process.

Here are some of our recent clients:

  • Substack
  • Definitive Intelligence, a Web3-focused company
  • Oklo
  • Apex Health Solutions
  • Guru Technologies

And this is the type of experience they have: 

Review of Eton - Eton

Our IP Valuation Services Costs

As we said before, most IP valuation services start at $3000 but it’s impossible to give you an answer without knowing your exact IP valuation needs. We work hard to keep our costs affordable and fair and always provide custom quotes to clients if asked.

To find out what your IP valuation would cost with Eton, get in touch with us below. 

Looking for a reliable IP valuation service with top-notch customer service?

Eton can help. Get in touch with us here.

2. Consor IP Experts – Best Market-Based Intellectual Property Valuation Company

Consor - IP valuation service

Consor IP Experts is a seasoned player in IP valuation and well worth your consideration if you find Eton doesn’t meet your exact needs.  

They specialize in market-based intellectual property valuation, which means their experts determine the value of IP based on market data. 

A market-based valuation is typically more reflective of the prevailing market sentiments and what the market deems the IP worth at a specific time, while other methods provide an intrinsic or economic value based on cost or potential earnings.

Consor IP Experts  have over 20 years of experience and offer comprehensive valuation solutions blending expertise from finance, economics, and law. 

They specialize in four basic categories: 

  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Licensing strategies
  • Litigation support/expert witness services
  • and transaction assistance.

While they excel in these four areas, their approach may lack the broad needs some clients seek. For example, many of Eton’s clients who come to us for IP valuations also end up needing other business valuations down the road.

3. IP21- Best Europe-Based Holistic IP Valuation Company

IP21 offers a wide spectrum of IP advice and valuation support, 

including patent and trademark valuation, IP portfolio management, and strategic advice. 

Their team of experts is great at navigating the intricacies of IP valuation across various industries, ensuring clients receive accurate and insightful assessments of intangible assets.

Their valuation experts also speak 6 European languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.I really like how they focus on patents, trade marks, and designs so clearly on their website.

Fun Fact: IP21 also puts quite a lot of emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, and they were awarded “Socially Responsible IP Law Firm of the Year” in 2024.

4. Valuation Consulting – Best UK-based IP Valuation Firm

If you’re a UK based company in need of IP valuation you may be better served with a UK based firm like Valuation Consulting.

They’ll know the local laws, regulations, and business practices of the UK and can be invaluable in ensuring compliance and accuracy in valuations. 

Just as we at Eton can navigate the intricacies of US regulations across all 50 states, Valuation Consulting’s expertise in UK-specific regulations means they can provide audit-defensible valuations tailored to the needs of British businesses. 

The Premier League fans will be pleased to know that Valuation Consulting has worked with Liverpool F.C and West Ham United F.C.

5. Metis Partners – Best IP Valuation Service for Fintech Companies

Metis Partners - IP Valuation Service

If you are a Fintech company, Metis Partners would be a great valuation choice for you.

Although the firm works with a range of companies, their strength lies in providing IP valuation and advisory to Fintech companies.

Using their patented Metisology® IP valuation approach, their team of experts analyze the ways a company’s software was developed, managed, and protected. Then, they use their proprietary scorecard to benchmark the software’s position in a specific market segment and the wider fintech industry.

Through this approach, they’ve delivered concrete results for different Fintech companies like:

  • A UK-based global contactless payment solution provider 
  • A fundraising crypto platform
  • POS lending software
  • An early-stage insure-tech company 

They’ve also been named a Top 25 Global IP Valuation Firms by Forbes.

6. Ocean Tomo – Best Patent Valuation Service Firm

Ocean Tomo - IP valuation service

Ocean Tomo is a well-known name in the IP valuation industry, particularly for Patent valuation.

The firm has completed numerous critical patent appraisals for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and inventors, across a variety of industries.

Their valuation experts are routinely qualified in U.S. courts as well as international courts, and arbitration tribunals on questions relating to intellectual property economics.

I like how they are able to perform Patent valuations for a variety of business needs, such as:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Financing
  • Sale Targeting & Pricing
  • Pre-Litigation Strategy
  • IP Transaction / Licensing Support
  • Bankruptcy Support
  • Financial Restructurings
  • Fairness & Solvency Opinions
  • Venture Capital Investment
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Reporting
  • Transfer Pricing

But they are a bigger company so they might not be able to give you individual attention.

A Comparison of IP Valuation Services — At a Glance

Specialty Time to CompletionCost
1. Eton VSFast, reliable, and court-defensible IP and business valuations with unparalleled customer serviceStandard business valuations in 10 days or less$$
2. Consor IP Experts Specializes in market-based IP valuationUnknown$$$
3. IP21Europe-based holistic IP valuation and strategy servicesUnknown$$
4. Valuation ConsultingUK-based firm with expertise in UK-specific regulationsUnknown$$
5. Metis PartnersIP valuation and strategy advisory for Fintech companiesUnknown$$$
6. Ocean TomoSpecialized in patent valuationUnknown$$$

Want an IP valuation firm with expertise you can trust at affordable prices and with first-class customer service? Get in touch with us here.

IP Valuation Services – FAQs

Have more questions about IP valuation services? I answer them below:

How to do an IP valuation?

We recommend leaving the IP valuation up to experts we listed in this article, as it’s a process fraught with complications and nuances. 

An expert can guarantee that you get an accurate and court-defensible valuation that maximizes the commercial benefits of your intellectual property and your business as a whole. 

If you’re curious about how it would look like to work with a valuation expert, we discussed it in detail in this article: Intellectual Property Valuation | 5 Methods & Checklist 

In just 6 easy steps, you’ll get an IP valuation report:

Step #1. Initiate the Intellectual Property Process – Choose Your Provider

Step #2: Prepare for Information Collection

Step #3: Tailored Consultation – Choosing Your Intellectual Property Valuation Date

Step #4: The Firm Chooses a Intellectual Property Valuation Method

Step #5: Receive a Completed Draft Report

Step #6: The Final Intellectual Property Valuation Stage – The Sign Off

Most professionals use a combination of these five IP valuation methods to come to an accurate and nuanced valuation:

Method 1. Income Approach

The Income Approach values IP based on the net economic benefit (cash flows) it is expected to generate over its useful life.

Method 2. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method 

The Discounted Cash Flow method is a specific application of the income approach that forecasts the future cash flows from the IP and discounts them to a present value using a risk-adjusted discount rate.

Method 3. Venture Capital Method

The Venture Capital method estimates the future resale value of a company or its IP and discounts it to the present using an expected high rate of return demanded by venture capitalists.

Method 4. Relief from Royalty Method 

The Relief from Royalty Method values IP by estimating the royalties that would be saved by owning the IP instead of licensing it.

Method 5. Real Options Method 

The Real Options Method treats investment in IP as an option, giving the owner the right but not the obligation to pursue further development or commercialization.

At Eton, we can complete IP valuations (and other types of business valuations) in as short as 10 days. We can also complete it much shorter if you need, for an extra fee.

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