7 Top Business Valuation Companies for Small & Medium Co.

As a co-founder of a business valuation company and 15 years of experience in the industry, I understand how important it is to find someone you trust to determine the value of your business.

I also know who out there is trustworthy, offers high-quality services, and doesn’t take months to do the work.

And while I’ll always put my own firm, Eton, at the top of the list, I’m not afraid to share who else in the industry is worth your consideration. 

At the end of the day, I want you to get the valuation experience you deserve.

To help, I’ve put together this list of the 7 top business valuation companies I’d recommend for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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What to Look For in a Valuation Company [4 Factors]

Here are the four factors I’d consider when hiring a business valuation company:

  1. Specialization & Experience 
  2. Track Record
  3. Time to Completion
  4. Cost

Let’s look at each one in turn:

Factor 1: Specialization & Experience

A reputable valuation firm will have a proven history of delivering business valuations that stand up to scrutiny from financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and in legal scenarios. 

Look for firms with positive testimonials from past clients and a record of successful engagements.

A reputable valuation firm will have a proven history of delivering business valuations that stand up to scrutiny from financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and in legal scenarios. 

Look for firms with positive testimonials from past clients and a record of successful engagements.

A business valuation firm should be able to accommodate your timeline, even if that means they need to charge extra to allocate the resources to get it done. 

But as standard, even a complex business valuation shouldn’t take more than two weeks. 

Costs vary drastically among business valuation consultants.

They also can vary based on the complexity of the valuation and circumstances surrounding the valuation.

For example, a 409A will likely be cheaper than a valuation needed for a merger.  

Look for a firm that is within your budget but where you don’t need to compromise on quality or service. 

In this article

In this article, I’ll go into how Eton excels in these areas. And I’ll introduce you to four other trusted business consultants in the US.

7 Top Business Valuation Companies – A Summary

Here are my top 7 recommendations for business valuation companies:

  1. Eton – A fast, reliable, & customer-obsessed independent valuation firm for small- to medium-sized businesses
  2. Researchvaluation.com (VRC) – A global valuation service giant since 1975 with 300+ valuators 
  3. Teknos Associates – A tech-focused valuation provider
  4. Kroll – A large firm with decades of valuation experience
  5. Aranca – A research analytics and valuation advisory firm
  6. Stout – A global firm with the widest range of valuation services 
  7. Houlihan Lokey – A renowned firm for financial advisory services

Below I’ll explain the merits and expertise of each. First up is my own firm, Eton VS.

1. Eton Venture Services – Best Independent Business Valuation Firm for Small and Medium Firms

At Eton, our valuators take the experience from their time at the Big 4 and combine it with the attention to detail and client care of a small boutique firm. 

Every service we provide is bespoke to our clients’ needs. This makes us the ideal choice for small and medium firms who prefer a more personalized and friendly service.

We give our undivided attention to ensure we complete each valuation in a timely manner while ensuring accuracy. 

Eton - the most trusted independent business valuation consultant

Our valuation services are fast, thorough, and affordable. We support our clients through the entire process and will be on hand to support them even after the valuation is delivered. 

Here’s why you should choose us:

Factor 1: Specialization & ExpertiseWe specialize in most common types of valuations, from 409A valuations to Mergers & Acquisitions.
Factor 2: Track RecordWe’ve completed 3000+ business valuations in our 15 years as a firm.

And we’ve never lost an audit!
Factor 3: Time to CompletionIf you need it faster, we can expedite the process for an additional fee.
Factor 4: CostsConsidering the wealth of experience that our valuators bring, we keep our costs competitive. It’s much lower than Big 4 firms.

On the lower end, a business valuation (not 409A) with Eton will cost around $5000.

To help you decide if we’re the right valuation firm for you, I’ve outlined:

  • the types of business valuations we specialize in
  • the process we follow
  • the businesses we typically work with
  • the costs you can expect 

Types of Business Valuations We Specialize In

At Eton, our team has completed various types of business valuations, including:

We’ve even completed business valuations for the purpose of divorce. No matter what your circumstances or complexity, we’ve seen it before.

Want to talk through your business valuation needs with me? Get in touch here.

I’ll make sure we’re the right firm for the job or point you in the direction of someone better suited.  

Our Business Valuation Process

Our business valuation process is fast, efficient, and comprehensive. It takes 10 days from the receipt of company documents no matter the type or complexity of the valuation. 

Here’s an overview of what that process looks like and your involvement:

10-day business valuation process - Eton

Day 1: Information Collection

Once we have all of your documents, we review them to make sure we understand your business inside out. 

We’ll request further information if we find anything is missing that we may need to come to an accurate valuation.

Day 2: Valuation Modelling & Analysis

Next, we analyze your cap table, business stage, and more. We’ll start crafting your valuation and determine what methodologies are required to accurately value your business. 

Where possible, our CFAs apply multiple methodologies to reach the most accurate result.

Day 3-7: Valuation Prepared

At this stage we’ll apply those methodologies.

Day 8: Draft Report Delivered; Client Review & Return

After we’ve given the valuation an internal review, we’ll send the report to you for review. 

At this stage, you’ll need to let us know if you need any changes. We’ll also get on a call where we can answer your questions and address your concerns.

Day 10: Final Valuation Confirmed & Delivered

Finally, we’ll revise the draft and get you to sign-off on the outcome. 

Beyond these 10 days, you’ll get ongoing audit support. We’ll happily explain the valuation and answer any questions to anyone you need us to.

Who We Work With

We work with business across industries and of all sizes from your local mom-and-pop shop to a scaling startup and established corporations. 

Here are some of our recent clients:

  • Substack
  • Definitive Intelligence, a Web3-focused company
  • Oklo
  • Apex Health Solutions
  • Guru Technologies

And this is the experience they have:

Review of Eton - Eton

You can read more testimonials from our clients here.

Our Business Valuation Costs

Excluding 409A valuations, business valuations at Eton start at $5000. They go up based on circumstance, complexity, and turnaround time. 

📚Want to know more about business valuation costs at Eton and beyond? Check out our article: Business Valuation Services Cost

It’s hard to give a general answer without knowing your exact needs. We offer custom quotes to every client that is fair and affordable.

To find out what your business valuation would cost with Eton, please get in touch with us below. 

Looking for an accurate and fast business valuation with personalized service?

Eton can help. Get in touch with us here.

2. Researchvaluation.com (VRC)

VRC Business Valuation Consultant - Eton

If Eton doesn’t feel like a fit, the first recommendation I’d make is for valuationresearch.com, or VRC.

VRC is an independent global valuation firm that has been focusing on valuations and advisory services since 1975.

They operate across multiple locations, including major cities in the U.S.

Their in-house valuation services cover businesses, equity and debt securities, loans, derivative instruments, structured products, intangible assets, fixed assets, and real estate.

My one word of caution is that due to their size and scope, you may not get much attention or the hyper-specialization your valuation requires.

3. Teknos Associates

Teknos Associates offers deep industry knowledge in technology, life sciences, blockchain, and other growth sectors. Their services span corporate advisory, tax compliance, financial reporting valuation services, and litigation support. 

This is a great option for businesses in the industries specified but they’re not the only option. Make sure they meet other criteria such as cost, turnaround time, and great customer service.

4. Kroll

Kroll Business Valuation Consultant - Eton

Kroll is recognized for its extensive global reach and comprehensive risk and financial advisory solutions, making it a powerhouse in the industry. 

Given Kroll’s size and global footprint, you can expect a wealth of industry experience and a wide range of expert services. 

However, those seeking more personalized, high-touch service may find Kroll’s corporate approach less appealing compared to smaller firms focused on individualized client experiences.

5. Aranca

Aranca Business Valuation Consultant - Eton

Aranca is a global research, analytics, and advisory firm, who extends its expertise to include business valuation services.

Their specialization in serving global clients positions them uniquely for businesses outside of the US, offering advantages such as diverse market insights and global expertise. 

US-based businesses might encounter challenges related to time differences and the need for rapid, personalized communication that is critical in business valuations.

6. Stout

Stout - Business valuation company

Stout is a global advisory firm that specializes in investment banking, accounting, transaction advisory, valuation advisory, and disputes, claims, and investigations. 

They cater to both public corporations and privately held companies across various industries.

If you need a more complex and specialized valuation, Stout is a good choice.

It offers the most comprehensive range of valuation services in the industry. This includes:

  • Complex Securities and Financial Instruments
  • ESOP Valuation and Opinions
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Oil & Gas Valuation
  • Machine & Equipment
  • Trust & Estate

As a global enterprise, you can be sure they have the resources and expertise. What you might find lacking is their attention to the client and fast standard processes. 

7. Houlihan Lokey

Renowned for its expertise in financial advisory services, Houlihan Lokey offers exceptional valuation services across a broad spectrum of industries. 

They have over 400 valuation professionals globally and focus on delivering valuations for private and public companies, portfolio companies, intangible assets, and complex financial instruments. 

Due to their size and industry experience, their business valuation services may cost more than at a boutique firm like Eton.

A Comparison of Business Valuation Companies

ExperienceTime to CompletionCost
1EtonBig 4 trained financial analysts with experience across all business valuation types Standard business valuations in 10 days or lessAffordable

(starting at $5000)
2VRCOver 300 U.S.-based professionals and an international network of nearly 1,500 valuation expertsModerate timelineUnknown
3Teknos AssociateExperience valuing businesses in information technology, life sciences, alternative energy/cleantech, and blockchain technology/cryptocurrencyModerate timelineUnknown
4KrollHas strong experience in retail and real-estate industry valuationsSlowUnknown
5ArancaExperience valuing companies from around the worldSlowUnknown
6StoutExperienced in a wide range of complex and specialized valuation servicesSlowUnknown
7Houlihan LokeyOffers valuation services across many industries, with a team of over 400 professionals worldwideSlowUnknown

Want a business valuation company with expertise you can trust at affordable prices and with first-class customer service? Get in touch with us here.

Valuation Companies – FAQs

Have questions about valuation companies? I answer them below:

What does a company valuation do?

A company valuation is a critical process that determines the monetary value of a business at a specific point in time. 

It provides essential insights for investors, buyers, and sellers, guiding their decisions in various business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and investments.

Here are some use cases of a company valuation:

Investment Decision:

Investors use company valuations to decide whether to invest their money in a particular business.

A higher valuation might indicate a promising investment opportunity, while a lower valuation might signal potential risks.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Valuations play a key role in negotiations during mergers and acquisitions.

Companies use valuation insights to determine a fair price for acquiring or merging with another business.

Selling a Business:

For business owners looking to sell their company, a valuation helps establish an appropriate asking price.

A comprehensive valuation analysis can attract potential buyers and facilitate a smoother sales process.

Strategic Planning:

Companies utilize valuation data to make strategic decisions about growth opportunities, resource allocation, and competitive positioning.

Valuations inform long-term planning initiatives and help businesses chart a course for future success.

A standard business valuation, especially those for small businesses with limited complexity, will cost between $5000 and $10,000

But in some complex cases, they can cost up to $100,000. 

The exact price depends on what valuation method is required, the complexity and size of your business, and the purpose behind the valuation. 

No matter your size, there are some instances where your business valuation is more likely to exceed $10,000:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)
  • Partner buy-ins
  • Litigation
  • Gift tax valuation of business interests
  • Gross aggregate asset valuations for IRC 1202 (qualified small business stock)
  • Bankruptcy / restructuring

If you’d like a complete breakdown of the cost, please read this article: Business Valuation Services Cost: How Much Is Normal in 2024

The party responsible for paying for a business valuation often depends on the context in which the valuation is being conducted:

  • Selling or Buying a Business: The seller typically pays for the valuation as part of preparing the business for sale. However, buyers might also seek independent valuations at their own expense.
  • Legal Proceedings: The cost might be shared or paid by the party requiring the valuation, depending on the legal agreements or court directives.
  • Investment and Financing: For raising capital, the business seeking investment usually covers the cost of valuation to present to potential investors.
  • Divorce Proceedings: Costs might be split between the parties involved, or as directed by legal agreements or court orders.
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